His Honeymoon House,
A rain city romance

This novel was first published by Avon.

 My Deja Vu Lover,
A rain city romance

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She loved him and lost him in another lifetime. And now he is back...

When September Returns
A rain city romance 

Everyone falls in love in college. Do you still remember his name? 
This book was originally published by Silhouette. The week of its release it hit #1 on the BDalton Bestseller list. (Talk about nostalgia, do you remember BDalton?)
“Maybe you ought to go out with other guys,” Joanne’s friends all told her. But she couldn’t. She had fallen for Tim...Tim with his funny jokes and his crooked smile, Tim who called her Gorgeous. She knew that she had another year of high school and Tim was a senior in college. She knew he dated other girls during the week. But she was his Saturday date. She was special to him.    Link to Kindle.   Nook  
What I Know About Boys,
a rain city romance,
 was first published by Silhouette in the First Love line.

Because she always knew the answers, the girls in her college dorm always came to Greta for advice. She knew everything about boys, how to attract them and evaluate them. Hadn’t she studied the subject of dating on-line and in magazines most of her life? How did it happen, then, that she picked a guy with the very qualities she warned her friends to avoid? Had she been wrong, all these years, or was it merely time to do some in-the-field research?

This is Greta’s story. Greta first appears in the BDalton Bestseller, When September Returns. 

Looking for Love, Chicago 1890s
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LINK to more information about the historical background of this book.

Review by Rae Reads (for Amazon)
"No one can put a reader in a place and time as well as this author. I don't know her background, but since she obviously couldn't have lived in 1890s Chicago to know what it was like, she must have done some extensive research. It really was like being there."

First published as a Dell Candlelight Regency,  
Unsuitable Suitors is a classic “Georgette Heyer style” Regency romance.

Amelia’s father had gambled away the very roof over their heads. Her mother was deceased. At two and twenty, Amelia Grant took charge, determined to make her sisters’ fortunes, establish them in the bosom of society, and keep her independence.

It was a day’s journey from their small village to the glittering world of Bath. But it was an appalling distance in every other way. Their formidable Aunt Sophie agreed to launch Amelia’s younger sisters, but Amelia’s plan was doomed to go awry. Each sister knew her own mind. As for Amelia, the matchmaker, she was so determined to be practical, she blindly misread every heart, including her own. 



Campus Couples includes When September Returns and What I Know About Boys and is also available in trade paperback.
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