Cast Down the Stars
Solstice Tower is a school for astrologers and geomancers. When spies are caught in the borderlands, Glory and other students join an army of workers to repair a breach in the protective wall around their country. What begins as an adventure ends as a full scale disaster and Glory is called on to find answers in the stars.  Kindle link
This YA fantasy-adventure was first published by Holt, Rinehart, Winston in hardcover.

Try A Switchstance (Boy on a Skateboard)
 was first published as an Avon Flare Book.

“Life is not a Sitcom...” That’s what Elvy’s grandmother said when Elvy pointed out that grandmothers on TV sitcoms don’t smoke. Mothers and fathers don’t go running off in opposite directions, either, abandoning their teenage daughter to be raised by her grandmother. Toss in boy trouble and Elvy’s fall off a skateboard throws her into a life of disasters.    ORDER KINDLE  

That Boy on the Cover was first published as an Avon Flare Book.

When Cyndi falls madly in love with the model on the cover of a paperback, finding out who he is and where he lives becomes her obsession. And then, unbelievably, there he is, right in her own high school!      KINDLE

 3 Teen Books includes That Boy on the Cover, Try a Switchstance, and Cast Down the Stars. Kindle